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Pardon the poor quality pics, used my handphone’s camera ^-^;;;


With the end of the month coming, my blogger friends are sure to post up their awesome haul for that month. I never did have the privilege of doing this mainly because the amount of loot I have a month is close to none, if not just one or two. So…Had a package arrive for me today. Was actually initially confused as to who did this belong to, as I have been helping a friend bring in stuff. But after a few moments of really thinking guessed it was for me after all…what was inside? Let’s see shall we (and hence begin my lame  loot post OTL)



Miku Theme for STEAM?

Friend just went  crazy showing me this (poor soul, he can’t take jap stuff like I do lol.) A miku theme for all you Miku fans out there who’s using STEAM.

click Screenshot to download theme!

Miku Append Demo Songs!

Remember her? well Today morning I received a tweet from hearjapan, that the creators of Miku append, Crypton Future Media Inc., has released some demo songs made using the new Miku Append Software!

I’m not really a big fan of vocaloid, but after hearing the demo songs, I have to say, a few of the songs really sounded like they had more emotion behind them than just a computer program. Want to download the Demo Songs? just click on the Album Art below! It’s completely free lols Hope to hear what you guys think about it ^-^

Hatsune Miku Append Ver Revealed!

Was browsing throught TweetDeck when i saw this tweet by Dcal, showing a New Miku Figure POSSIBLY by GSC (actually on furthur thought GSC SHOULD be the one releasing this =/) MAx Factory? I have to say It Looks SWEEETTT. Click on Picture for Source and more info!

Edit : More Details Have Surfaced on the creator’s blog! Along with more pictures! so hit the pic and view her in all her beauty =D

Taiga China Dress Ver ORDERED! *^*

Remember a few days back, I was fretting over how to get this? well after scouring the web high and low for one of it to be imported here  at a decent price, I managed to find a new website/business thanks to a tweet from one of my friends. Otaku Agency is it’s name, and after getting an estimate from him/her (I dun really know) I decided to order Taiga from there.

Just got a pic showing the receipt

No Idea why, but i found this cute =3

Now to wait for arrival later on this year!

For those of you looking for a deputy service, please do check out this budding new website!

Taiga ~China Dress ver.~

This has been out for some time, but Dengeki has an exclusive figurine of ToraDora’s feisty, yet lovable and cute tsundere in a “cheong-sam” or Chinese Dress. Based on fanart, this figure is just stunning. Too bad it’s an exclusive making it hard to get TT_TT.

I’m actively looking for help to purchase this figurine and if any of the readers or  passerby have an alternative to getting her please drop a comment! thankks *^*!!


Durarara OP/ED2

Most of you have already seen/heard this, but for those that haven’t, hit anime, Durarara has a new OP and ED. Can’t say I really like them like the first OP and ED but I really dig the OP’s opening part =D Wonder What you guys think bout it XDD?
Click read more for the videos!