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Kimi ni Todoke.

Have been too busy with schoolwork to post stuff (not that i had anything to post >.<) but while catching up on my anime, (before the mugging session starts later =w=) was reminded of this song that i should really share with you guys =D

Really like this song from the anime Kimi ni Todoke (which is finishing it’s run soon TT_TT) . Don’t ask me why I like it  though ^-^;;;;. The anime is good too, very sweet, innocent and funny haha.

Guitar Cover soon? ;D



Being a toradora (or taiga) fan, I’m very tempted by these. >.< curse me for jumping into figurines so damn late >.<. Need to do my thorough planning before i decided to buy >.< cause buying this might mean Me not getting something else >.< so think wisely I must.

New Desktop Time!

Decided to use  a new wallpaper for my laptop 8D. Previously has been saber for a good half a year/nearly a year. Really wanted a Taiga themed one but couldn’t find a picture that i wanted. However, thanks to Coffeebug’s picture thread (NFSW ^-^;;;) found this gorgeous taiga picture which promptly became my new wallpaper.

Changed the background and windows aero colour to a light sakura/peach pink to suit the Picture ^-^

Life as A Figma Wifu : Gitaaa Maintenance

Having two (or in my case three) loves is really hard to juggle my time between them all @_@ So, inadvertantly sometimes  things sget neglected….Like Alison, my Guitar , or as Yui would call it Gitaa.




Well seeing GSC’s previews at Wonfes, My wallet has given up. Sigh. Updated my List to be more accurate and realistic. Theres supposed to be a maybe, but wordpress failed and deleted that away  and I’m dead lazy now. so yea. probably update next time =/


and here thus lies Ex14’s wallet, who couldn’t cope with the otaku’s workload and died.

K-ON Fandom : Why =/

Looking back on the Anime I watched previously, K-ON is the most perplexing one of them all. It has a paper thin story, supported by characters whose most redeeming traits are their moe-ness. I always wondered why I really got into the series. I’m sure this reason why we love this show so much differs form person to person, but after season 1 ended, i kinda forgotten that reason. I got reminded why I like this show so much after watching episode 14.

Really for me it’s all about Music and the K-ON Club’s journey to different events/situation. No K-ON’s music is not OMG !@#$ing brilliant, but as an aspiring (and failing too ^-^;;;;) musician theres this special feeling i get when i see them rehearsing or performing live.

Having cute characters to help portray this doesn’t hurt it too ^_^

Wondering whether you guys would like to share what u like about K-ON. =D

Angel Beats!

Heres a new anime you guys should keep a look out for! Brought to you by an ensemble that gave you CLANNAD, AIR, Little Busters, Strike Witches and CANAAN, This anime is set to be  a blockbuster hit come April. Continue Reading to watch the PV!