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<3~~~ (Wait theres something wrong here)

Been busy recently, so haven’t been posting as much, so like alot of anime, this is gonna be a filler post ^^;;;

Isit me? or is it disturbing i find this exceedingly cuutteee ._.”’


Bad stuff gone LOL

A video showing a ensemble of wacky people using everyday household objects to play the opening of Railgun. I have no idea why. but this crack me up soo good. Maybe it’s how ridiculously offtune this is (in a cute, wacky sort of way), it had me in stitches lol.

AngelBeats OP2

Currently enamored with this particular Version of the Angel Beats OP. Don’t get me wrong, I love the piano version as well, But theres just something special to me when you hear a song played with awesome riffs like the starting one *^*

Edit Title was wrongly put sorry guys >.<

Judgement Des~


Forgot to post this. By some wierd calling, or temptation, i ended up with this… theres one more comming along the way…need to learn to manage my funds better =w=”’