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Of Petitions and Interviews

So…Today awoke to see a tweet, stating that Danny would be doing an interview with local radio station 938Live, so decided to tune in and see what juicy new info he might be giving out. Turns out it was a combined interview, together with some other AFA committee folks. Anyway had this crazy idea to try record the interview using a method i have never tried before, so after keeping my fingers crossed and recording for a total of 40 mins (roughly 2-1 GB in size =O) and a bit of rough editing, the clip for those poor souls that didn’t know or were in school is located after the break ^^

AFAX Committee 938LIVE Interview

On another issue related to AFAX, Hanazawa Kana (Seiyuu of Kanade (Tenshi) from “Angel Beats!”  and Kobato from “Kobato”, just to name a few ;D) is already slated to come to Sunny Singapore for AFAX.

However, to our surprise, no Meet & Greet, nor Autograph session is to be held for her! D= So, as a responsible fan, my friend Saiseki made an online petition for fans of her and her work to urge her manager to organise some kind of event aforementioned. So if you’re a fan of Hanazawa or the Character she does and would like a Meet & Greet or Autograph session, Sign This petition and we might get a shot at it! ;D


2 responses

  1. hey thanks for recording the interview! can’t wait for AFAX to arrive =)

    November 8, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    • abit late ^^; (ur comment was sent to Spam ^^;;) hope you had fun there ^^;;;

      November 19, 2010 at 12:37 pm

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