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Manga & Anime! Japan

Heya so after disappearing for along while I’m back with another random update. My holidays are coming to a close (Starts this coming Monday) which makes me a very sad man now TT_TT Anyway, managed to attend rather interesting exhibition yesterday, so this post will be about it.

The Manga & Anime! Japan exhibition caught my eye when i happened to see a Flyer of it laying around at my local Kinokuniya bookstore. So after securing a friend to accompany to see whats it about, I finally made my way to the Japan Creative Centre for the aforementioned exhibition. (more…)


Hatsune Miku Append Ver Revealed!

Was browsing throught TweetDeck when i saw this tweet by Dcal, showing a New Miku Figure POSSIBLY by GSC (actually on furthur thought GSC SHOULD be the one releasing this =/) MAx Factory? I have to say It Looks SWEEETTT. Click on Picture for Source and more info!

Edit : More Details Have Surfaced on the creator’s blog! Along with more pictures! so hit the pic and view her in all her beauty =D

Taiga ~China Dress ver.~

This has been out for some time, but Dengeki has an exclusive figurine of ToraDora’s feisty, yet lovable and cute tsundere in a “cheong-sam” or Chinese Dress. Based on fanart, this figure is just stunning. Too bad it’s an exclusive making it hard to get TT_TT.

I’m actively looking for help to purchase this figurine and if any of the readers or  passerby have an alternative to getting her please drop a comment! thankks *^*!!


Life as A Figma Wifu : Gitaaa Maintenance

Having two (or in my case three) loves is really hard to juggle my time between them all @_@ So, inadvertantly sometimes  things sget neglected….Like Alison, my Guitar , or as Yui would call it Gitaa.




Well seeing GSC’s previews at Wonfes, My wallet has given up. Sigh. Updated my List to be more accurate and realistic. Theres supposed to be a maybe, but wordpress failed and deleted that away  and I’m dead lazy now. so yea. probably update next time =/


and here thus lies Ex14’s wallet, who couldn’t cope with the otaku’s workload and died.

Like Woa.

So today, Checked the shops and a whole slew of P.O.s (PreOrders) just opened up @_@

Actually tempted to get some of them but…..need to save up @_@ so sadly not getting any this round.

But just a heads up for fellow singaporeans (or any foreigners ^-^;;;) on the P.O.s Opened.


Rin Kagamine : Nuclear Fusion Ver.

Annouced today by the good folks at Good Smile Company, is a Kagamine Rin Figurine, Don’t worry if you don’t recognise her ( I know I didn’t ^_^””), it’s the more mature version of Rin drawn for her PV “Nuclear Fusion”  It’s done by the same sculpter as the one who did the VN-02 mix figurine.

The details on this figurine is really nice. But…my main complain about it is tha tit doesn’t remind me of Rin. I think however it’s more of personal preference over anything. But in the end I have to say.

That is one kick ass guitar @_@