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Of Petitions and Interviews

So…Today awoke to see a tweet, stating that Danny would be doing an interview with local radio station 938Live, so decided to tune in and see what juicy new info he might be giving out. Turns out it was a combined interview, together with some other AFA committee folks. Anyway had this crazy idea to try record the interview using a method i have never tried before, so after keeping my fingers crossed and recording for a total of 40 mins (roughly 2-1 GB in size =O) and a bit of rough editing, the clip for those poor souls that didn’t know or were in school is located after the break ^^



Music Monday #1

Heya decided to start this Music Monday thing, where i post one Music Track that catches my fancy for that particular week (mostly would be anisongs tho ^^;;),  So to start off the first Music Monday I’m doing, It’s Gravity Ø by Aqua Timez, the Opening Song for STAR DRIVER 輝きのタクト ^^ Enjoy!

some additional info and lyrics after the break ^^ (more…)

Manga & Anime! Japan

Heya so after disappearing for along while I’m back with another random update. My holidays are coming to a close (Starts this coming Monday) which makes me a very sad man now TT_TT Anyway, managed to attend rather interesting exhibition yesterday, so this post will be about it.

The Manga & Anime! Japan exhibition caught my eye when i happened to see a Flyer of it laying around at my local Kinokuniya bookstore. So after securing a friend to accompany to see whats it about, I finally made my way to the Japan Creative Centre for the aforementioned exhibition. (more…)