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Like Woa.

So today, Checked the shops and a whole slew of P.O.s (PreOrders) just opened up @_@

Actually tempted to get some of them but…..need to save up @_@ so sadly not getting any this round.

But just a heads up for fellow singaporeans (or any foreigners ^-^;;;) on the P.O.s Opened.



Rin Kagamine : Nuclear Fusion Ver.

Annouced today by the good folks at Good Smile Company, is a Kagamine Rin Figurine, Don’t worry if you don’t recognise her ( I know I didn’t ^_^””), it’s the more mature version of Rin drawn for her PV “Nuclear Fusion”  It’s done by the same sculpter as the one who did the VN-02 mix figurine.

The details on this figurine is really nice. But…my main complain about it is tha tit doesn’t remind me of Rin. I think however it’s more of personal preference over anything. But in the end I have to say.

That is one kick ass guitar @_@

Liek WTAF?

Ok, I wasn’t gonna bother blogging about this but this really made me /rage.

By now I’m guessing EVERYONE knows about Shadowkid14. For those that don’t (like an unlikely foreign refer to here, here(Chinese, use google translate if needed), and here.

What I’ll be ranting about is from the third source given above. and heres the part that made my blood fucking boil.

Losing oneself

To be obsessed with cosplay might cause certain youths to lose themselves and affect their behaviour adversely.

Counsellor Ying Li Hong said that some youths might be overly obsessed with cosplay. They imagine themselves as the character of the anime or the manga and may emulate these characteristics in their behaviour.

“If the character is unorthodox, it might cause the youth to do the wrong things.

“Also, many of these characters are dressed scantily.

“Girls who are very into cosplay, might dress up more sexily and doing so might give a wrong impression,” said counsellor Ying

-from AsiaOne

Personally I feel that such counsellors should be shot in the foot. Like i understand they face troubled people everyday, who for some reason or another, cannot behave or think as rationally as we normal people can. But to make such a broad statement, using your experience with such troubled ppl to judge us normal people is like trying to compare a banana with a apple because they’re both fruits. IT DOESN’T FUCKING APPLY THAT WAY.

Also. I dunnoe what anime has that counsellor been watching but SCANTILY CLAD? WTF? I think WORST CASE, The amount of sexual innuendos given off by an animal would rival that of a sexualy theme REALL LIFE show such as SEX IN THE CITY or even GREY’S ANATOMY.  I can easily pull pictures of normal characters clad in NORMAL SHIRT/NOT SCANTITLY CLAD.

O and many, MANY thanks to the idiot/no life/bastard named Shadowkid14, You sir, have just given this community another fucking hill to climb.

Tsumugi Figma Annouced

While doing a check on the blogs and websites I frequently check hapen to see this as I was browsing along =DD

Figma : Tsumugi


23rd Jan 10 Cock Brigde Outing

So Saturday was a blast. Went to meet up with Kiwira, Kiro and their band of merry bruddas to hang out and take some pic. The day was filled with sweat, fun and laughter all around. Separated the post cause the post is quite picture heavy ^_^;;;; so click read more to see the events and some pics of the days.


Fate/Stay Night Puchi Nendo

Just when my wallet thought it was all over. Good Smile Company just has to release the Fate/Stay Night Puchi nendo series TT_TT omg.

When I first caught glimpse of this at Danny Choo’s, all my one hour of sleep brain could process was OMG @_@. Especially since they just released Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ @_@. So after much internal strife, decided against getting this…for now just in case the secret is saber lion @_@.  Another reason would be that I don’t really like like the puchi nendo, I mean i do like, but not THAT much, and with my current plans, my wallet is already dead.  And in the End, decided to see whether i have funds >.< So what do you guys feel bout this?

Curse you GSC.

Credits to Danny Choo for the Info.

Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~

So, the preorder for GSC’s latest Saber figurine is opened @_@ and boy is she pretteh.

Yeap This time it’s her in her original costume. Included is Excalibur and Invisible Air. Love everything bout it, though ~Distant Alavon~ is still the best IMO.  Now just checking out the different prices for her (made a very impulsive preorder when i first saw her ^-^;;;;). So you guys gonna get her?

must. resist. urge. @_@