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Manga & Anime! Japan

Heya so after disappearing for along while I’m back with another random update. My holidays are coming to a close (Starts this coming Monday) which makes me a very sad man now TT_TT Anyway, managed to attend rather interesting exhibition yesterday, so this post will be about it.

The Manga & Anime! Japan exhibition caught my eye when i happened to see a Flyer of it laying around at my local Kinokuniya bookstore. So after securing a friend to accompany to see whats it about, I finally made my way to the Japan Creative Centre for the aforementioned exhibition. (more…)


O lookie what we have here =3….

Hey guys, yeap here’s another sporadic blog update for anyone who’s interested (which unfortunately is very few OTL) So heres a quick few updates of life and what I’ve been doing ^^;;


Ex14’s Top 5 Female Anime Characters

Cause I have no idea what other picture to use....

So while that monster of a post is being typed, I guess i shall just post something to fill this void I have created by not posting OTL Yea many apologies, Life’s been really busy though I’m gonna try to update AT LEAST once every week >.< (keyword here is TRY) So anyway while running some chores just now, I felt I should just list out my favourite female anime characters XDD. Turns out it ain’t as easy as it looks… (more…)

<3~~~ (Wait theres something wrong here)

Been busy recently, so haven’t been posting as much, so like alot of anime, this is gonna be a filler post ^^;;;

Isit me? or is it disturbing i find this exceedingly cuutteee ._.”’

Judgement Des~


Forgot to post this. By some wierd calling, or temptation, i ended up with this… theres one more comming along the way…need to learn to manage my funds better =w=”’


Pardon the poor quality pics, used my handphone’s camera ^-^;;;


With the end of the month coming, my blogger friends are sure to post up their awesome haul for that month. I never did have the privilege of doing this mainly because the amount of loot I have a month is close to none, if not just one or two. So…Had a package arrive for me today. Was actually initially confused as to who did this belong to, as I have been helping a friend bring in stuff. But after a few moments of really thinking guessed it was for me after all…what was inside? Let’s see shall we (and hence begin my lame  loot post OTL)


Taiga China Dress Ver ORDERED! *^*

Remember a few days back, I was fretting over how to get this? well after scouring the web high and low for one of it to be imported here  at a decent price, I managed to find a new website/business thanks to a tweet from one of my friends. Otaku Agency is it’s name, and after getting an estimate from him/her (I dun really know) I decided to order Taiga from there.

Just got a pic showing the receipt

No Idea why, but i found this cute =3

Now to wait for arrival later on this year!

For those of you looking for a deputy service, please do check out this budding new website!