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Music Monday #2

So it’s Monday again, so heres another musical recommendation from yours truely. I never thought making a musical recomendation could be this tough ^^;; but I finally decided on a song! Yeap from one of my favs, it’s 水の証 by Tanaka Rie from the hit  ’02 anime Gundam SEED. Well at least thats the original. In the video embeded below is a performance done by WAKANA of FictionJunction and Yuki Kajiura. Not to say that Tanaka Rie’s one was worse or anything, But I prefer posting MVs or Live performances so yea ^^;;;

Still this is a very emotional song (at the very least, to me ^^;;) and I hope it leaves a deep impression on you guys just as it did for me when i first watched Gundam SEED. Enjoy!

Lyrics after the break ^^