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Music Monday #3

Heya! So it’s Monday again and I’m here to (hopefully) aid you in enduring the Monday blues. This week, the song was stumbled upon on Sunday afternoon. It’s not a very “new” song, as my playlist is loaded with a lot of tunes from a little while back for me to reminiscent about the good old ^^ days……..ack…As i was saying, this isn’t a very recent song (depending on how you look at it ^^;;), in fact if you’re familiar with last week’s song, this week song title should be no stranger to you as well. Yes, this week’s song is Wings of Word by CHEMISTRY, once again from the anime Gundam Seed ^^

Now I didn’t really like it when it first premiered as Gundam Seed’s final OP, cause to me it felt really out of place,but alas after listening to it a few times through, it turned out the song grew on me, and yes i came to appreciate the duo’s sultry voices ^^, but honestly the original version was just……good, nothing amazing or anything, but on Sunday, my trusty PMP churned out something unexpected which really caught my attention for some unknown reason. Hence I decided to share it with you guys! Here it is, Wings of Word (Alas de Palabras remix)!

The acoustic guitar riffs really changed the entire feel of the song ^^ making it more…Spanish-sounding (is that how you call it? ^^;;) but it adds a whole different layer to this song! yeap Hope you guys enjoy it! O before I forget, I made a youtube Playlist for Music Monday so that you can listen to all the recommendations i have made thus far! ^^ Lyrics of the song after the break ^^