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Life as A Figma Wifu : Gitaaa Maintenance

Having two (or in my case three) loves is really hard to juggle my time between them all @_@ So, inadvertantly sometimes  things sget neglected….Like Alison, my Guitar , or as Yui would call it Gitaa.


So yea, as you can see she’s real dirty with dust and all. So decided to gie her a maintenance which involves polishing her and changing her strings to a fresh set. But thankfully Saber offered to help out ^-^

"Erm so you want me to cut here?"

So first step was to cut all of the strings. Now as an extra tip you really shouldn’t be doing this everytime you change your strings, it’s not good for your guitar. >.< So, the ever eagar Saber wanted to aid me in this process. I was literally LOL-ing internally, all she had was her plastic Caliburn….



…which I apparently underestimated O.o”” mental note to self don’t make her angry.

So after removing the strings, we proceeded to remove other parts of the guitar. I gave Saber the relatively easy job of handling the Tailpice while i removed the more delicate bridge of the guitar .

Then We gave Alison a good wipe down, buffing and waxing her till she shone like new.

"Here you go Master"

After cleaning and polising the entire guitar, We had to install the new strings. Saber was catching on fast and had the pack of strings opened and ready.

"Hmm is this enough?"

With new strings installed,  the next step was to tune Alison Saber tuned one entire side, while i did the other. Have to say though. She tunes slow @_@

But really, There was one thing I didn’t get….why was she being so nice.

" I'll be expecting my Valentine's Gift soon"

….ah so thats why. ._.”””’ wonder what she’ll do if she finds out i’m broke TT_TT

And with that would liek to wish the readers a Happy Valentine’s Day and a Roaring Year of the Taiga!

2 responses

  1. Happy valentine’s day and chinese New Year!

    February 15, 2010 at 7:24 am

    • same to u too man =D

      February 15, 2010 at 7:24 am

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