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Angel Beats!

Heres a new anime you guys should keep a look out for! Brought to you by an ensemble that gave you CLANNAD, AIR, Little Busters, Strike Witches and CANAAN, This anime is set to be  a blockbuster hit come April. Continue Reading to watch the PV!

As from the PV shown above, we can safely say that the animation quality and sound are top-notch. For me, The music plays a very important role cause it can make or break a scene/show/movie/PV. I have to say the music was fantastic (imo) and the PV really was suited for it. Makes me kinda excited about hearing what else this anime has in store for us. Also the animation from 1:31 min onwards on the PV was awesome. Never seen anyone animate a Live Concert scene so fluidly (not even K-ON!) But what about the story?

From what obtained so far, it looks interesting. The main protagonist is a boy named Otonashi, who dies and is enrolled in a school for the afterlife, where people are taught how to let go off any lingering attachments on Earth before they can go to heaven. He is invited by Yuri to join  the SSS, an organisation that fights against God (for what reason i don’t know ^-^;;) Of course God has his own “army” as well ^-^;; its lead by the Student Council President, who also is an Angel, named Tenshi (which also means angel literally ^-^;;;)

With 13 episodes, I’ve already gotten this down on my April calender already and am eager to see how the first episode would be like. How bout you guys?  Does this anime interest you?

Source : Danny Choo

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