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Tsumugi Figma Annouced

While doing a check on the blogs and websites I frequently check hapen to see this as I was browsing along =DD

Figma : Tsumugi

Front View

Back View


Mugi Vision~

As seen above, included is her keyboard  and it’s stand and the usual figma goodies (stand, extra hands and faces.)


The K-ON Figma’s are coming up to be quite spectcacular, and Mugi does not disappoint. The details on her keyboard are really something @_@ Having work in sound mixing, i can say the keyboard from the pic above has most if not all of a keyboard’s marking down. Thats just mind-boggling. As usual for figmas, the characters themselves look like their anime counterpart.

Unfortunately, Not lanning on getting her. Why? Well it’s due to the Licensing thing thats preventing us Singaporeans from getting it from our local stores. That or we can bring in ourselves, or pay more for the local stores to bring them in. Also having Missed out on Mio and Yui, Not really keen on collecting them anymore….all but the exception of Azusa, which i’m still anticipating her nendo and figma.

But really, if you can get the K-On Figmas as in the complete collection, you really should, they are one of the better (if not best) figmas to date IMO


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