Cause Noob Otaku is Noob.

Liek WTAF?

Ok, I wasn’t gonna bother blogging about this but this really made me /rage.

By now I’m guessing EVERYONE knows about Shadowkid14. For those that don’t (like an unlikely foreign refer to here, here(Chinese, use google translate if needed), and here.

What I’ll be ranting about is from the third source given above. and heres the part that made my blood fucking boil.

Losing oneself

To be obsessed with cosplay might cause certain youths to lose themselves and affect their behaviour adversely.

Counsellor Ying Li Hong said that some youths might be overly obsessed with cosplay. They imagine themselves as the character of the anime or the manga and may emulate these characteristics in their behaviour.

“If the character is unorthodox, it might cause the youth to do the wrong things.

“Also, many of these characters are dressed scantily.

“Girls who are very into cosplay, might dress up more sexily and doing so might give a wrong impression,” said counsellor Ying

-from AsiaOne

Personally I feel that such counsellors should be shot in the foot. Like i understand they face troubled people everyday, who for some reason or another, cannot behave or think as rationally as we normal people can. But to make such a broad statement, using your experience with such troubled ppl to judge us normal people is like trying to compare a banana with a apple because they’re both fruits. IT DOESN’T FUCKING APPLY THAT WAY.

Also. I dunnoe what anime has that counsellor been watching but SCANTILY CLAD? WTF? I think WORST CASE, The amount of sexual innuendos given off by an animal would rival that of a sexualy theme REALL LIFE show such as SEX IN THE CITY or even GREY’S ANATOMY.  I can easily pull pictures of normal characters clad in NORMAL SHIRT/NOT SCANTITLY CLAD.

O and many, MANY thanks to the idiot/no life/bastard named Shadowkid14, You sir, have just given this community another fucking hill to climb.

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